Greenspan, Greenspan (sigh)

Finally Alan Greenspan is getting his head on right. Of course we are a little too late for ominous warnings about the deficit. Where were you when we needed you? But better late then never.
When Clinton was Prez, I had lots of confidence in Greenspan. He told it like it was and wasn't about to be pushed around by some Arkansas law teacher. The 'irrational exuberance' speech was enough to make my heart go pitter-pat. My boyfriend at the time would laugh with me at these drunken high-tech fools as we sat rubbing our hands together expectantly, waiting for the bust. But that fun is over.

Then when the W took over, something changed with old Alan. He was compliant. He was meeker. I immediately suspected that the Bushes were blackmailing him. How else could he endorse the sickest expenditure of tax money in recent US history? Yes, that's the tax rebate. You know, where they spent more money to distribute the refund than the actual amount we got?

Now Greenspan seems to be getting his groove back. Go get 'em, Alan! Tell it like it is.
I am sending daily hate e-mails to CNN Money for their lousy economic coverage. So far, ignored.

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