Menu of Corruption

Duke Cunningham took bribes as a California Congressman to hand out "no compete" business to defense contractors. In the interests of efficiency, Duke made out a MENU for corrupt defense contractors to show how much payoff it would take per million dollars of business. Pretty handy, eh? And it seems it's been going on for years. Econo-Girl has heard talk of defense contract corruption that included working Defense employees. No specifics, mind you. But rumors were there. The trick was to hire a retired general who knew how it was done.

So now leniency is being pleaded for former fighter pilot who fleeced the Treasury and betrayed the public trust. Econo-Girl votes "no".

Yes, personal bravery and stamina, quick-thinking and intelligence are admirable qualities in any American. But the man's a thief. And it is hard to accept, but that is not inconsistent with his better qualities. Yes, he has served his country admirably. But he profited from it admirably as well. Duke Cunningham should be given the maximum prison sentence, even if he dies there. His corruption was not merely one bad choice, or even a few of them. It established a systemic corruption founded on Duke Cunningham's military experience. He pissed in his own soup. Then he fed it to the U.S. public. Yum-yum.


lewis_medlock said...

duke cunningham was my childhood hero. on 10 may 1972, he and willie driscoll, took off from the USS Constellation. He was tasked with flak suppression during a strike on the hai dong railyards.
His phantom II fighter bomber attacked the railyard with cluster bombs.
While he was returning tho the Constellation, he shot down THREE Mig fighter jets....the last was piloted by a skilled aviator who nearly shot Showtime 100 (cunnningham and driscoll's callsign that day) out of the sky.
After a lengthy air battle, Cunningham shot down the Mig with his last missile.
While exiting the area, Showtime 100 was shot out of the sky by a surface to air missile.
Ejecting from their stricken steed, they fell into the sea and were nearly captured by Communist forces.
All this said, Cunningham needs to go to prison for a long time.
It is ironic, but had he not splashed those MiGs back in 1972 , would he be in this mess today?

kob said...

I like your work, theme, especially this post on India -- would you be interested in being added to the dcblogs.com/live feed?

Econo-Girl said...


Yeah, did one thing lead to another? Personal bravery does not mean high ideals in every facet of life. It's hard to think that way, though.

Econo-Girl said...


Sure. Live feed sounds interesting. I just don't quite know what it is. Let me know what I have to do.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Crooks, as long as they are republican or serve the republican agenda, will not be going to jail anytime soon.

Why do you think the war in Iraq was "urgent" when Bush pushed for it? Because all his buddies in the defence contract business stood to make hundreds of millions. And they have.

Toss em all in jail for war profiteering. It is illegal to sell a gallon of water in Floirda for $2 after a hurricane, but apparently perfectly legal to sell the government all kinds of overpriced crap during war time. Go figure.