Liability Insurance for Interrogators

The reason that CIA agents needed liability insurance related to their work as interrogators is that they realized they were being lied to about the law. They knew that they could not rely on the patsies of this Administration to tell them the truth about what was legal and what was not.

So they needed some kind of protection, and the liability insurance was it.

The good news about all of this is it implies that people are refusing to use torture in interrogations anymore without legal protection. Now that they have legal immunity that may have changed, but not by much. Everyone knows an election is coming up and a sea change is near. How long will an immunity last? How will it be interpreted? Such questions are natural ones for people taking the risks of prison, which I can assure you do not include our Attorney General, Mr. Torture himself.


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The Lazy Iguana said...

Ever notice that when the moon is full, the crazies post comments?

As for the liability insurance, what are the premiums? High premiums mean the insurance companies expect to have to pay out.

So all we have to do is watch the rates! High rates = payouts = torture. Low premiums = no payouts = no torture. Of course if you are not placing electrodes on testicles then you would not need the insurance in the first place. So just the fact that such insurance can be obtained says a whole lot.

Also watch for DC to subsidise premiums to keep em low. This will lead us to conclude that nothing is going on.

Thinking about this makes me yead spin. Then I get dizzy and puke.

Fuzz said...

I do find myself wondering if any of this is really new.

Richard said...

Hello Axis Bold As Love,

The Movie Forrest Gump...

Is that The ACLU running behind Forrest with the beard?

"I'll Follow You Anywhere, Man?"

Warm Fuzzies,

"The Ferminator"

Anonymous said...

The longer that this administration is in power, the bolder they get with their shennanigans.

Do we actually have to wait that much longer for change??