Windows VIsta? Buy an iMac!

What is it with Microsoft? They put third-rate, untested software on the market and the entire world is going to change to try and use it.

I have a better idea. Get an iMac. I got one and it's one of the best things I've ever done.

The iMac does everything that Windows Vista is trying to do, but does it well. And you know something else about iMac? All the hardware works with it. And it never crashes. And it seamlessly integrates audio and visual media into your computer.

The answer to Microsoft Vista is the iMac.


Jandi for The Fuzz said...

I like Macs. But, I'm not sure how much is a dislike for Microsoft, Wallyworld and stuff like that.
Macs seem a little high, but it seems worth it.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Macs are overpriced. Plain and simple. The guts of a Mac are the same guts as any PC. The only difference is the OS.

A friend of mine recently got a Mac laptop. He says that the OS X system takes up 25 gigs and hogs memory. XP uses about 5 or so gigs and also hogs memory. He upgraded from one gig to 4 gigs ram and now it is running much better.

He got the Mac to lock up. Trying to run Mac software by the way.

I still want to get a Mac Book Pro. But I may just get the Mac Book and then upgrade the memory and hard drive (using standard PC parts that are compatible with the Intel motherboard in the Macs) and save about $500.

Vista does suck. It was not ready for release.

Anonymous said...

To heck with MacOS and Windows..buy your Intel box, and then get yourself a copy of Linux or one of the BSDs. If you're worried about the install process, there are distributions which make it pretty easy for you.


J.C. Coleman said...


I've had Macs since they first came out. I own SIX of them, and I'm going to buy another soon. OS X 10.5 is FASTER than previous versions, Windows can never claim that. And with Boot Strap (or Q or Parallels), you can run Mac and have your Windows too. It just can't get any better.

If you MUST have Windows, use XP Pro. It's the least messed up of the lot. Vista is buggy crap.

Linux is a toy for geeks. I am a geek and I am using Puppy linux right now, so don't think I am criticizing without experience. It IS fun to play with, but don't take it seriously.