Three Cheers for Federal Employees!

Federal employees are always getting a bad rap as lazy infighters too fearful to take a chance. That is by and large untrue. And today they proved it. The electricity went out for some of downtown DC and the Federal employees stayed and continued to work in the dark without air conditioning. They had to be forced out.

All of which dovetails with my experience with many Federal employees. Even during the nonpayment of their salaries during the Clinton Administration, they had to be forced not to come in and do work.

Three cheers for people who believe in the importance of their jobs!


Fuzz said...

I work for local government, and we really do care about what we do.

Anonymous said...

Hiring you would be alibility. You do talk too much about work and federal employees.

Do you include this blog on your resume?

Econo-Girl said...

I work for myself, stupid.