Michael Vick: It's Not About Being Sorry

I am sure Michael Vick is sorry about running that dog fighting operation. Or getting caught at least.

Michael Vick was reinstated into the NFL today after being released from prison for running a dog fighting ring.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is looking for "signs of contrition" from the NFL sociopath before letting him play in NFL games. Note to the Commissioner: sociopaths are known to fake contrition. Just letting you know.

When is there a such thing as going to far, no matter how much you regret it later? When you electrocute innocent dogs because they weren't aggressive enough in fighting. Which means they had more humanity than you did, Michael Vick.

I am making a personal commitment to my readers: if Michael Vick shows up in DC to play football I am going to raise a stink. I don't know how yet, but it will probably involve a lot of yelling and maybe throwing eggs.


Zipcode said...

I completely agree with you -- if he ends up on my favorite team, I will completely boycott them.

restaurant refugee said...

This has disturbed me greatly and been the source of more than a couple of bar...ahem, conversations between my friends and me. Most on the other side of this issue contend that Mr. Vick has served his debt to society and ought be allowed to resume his life and career.

I agree with that point. Let him resume his life, let him find a job. However, there is no "right" to play in the NFL. There are plenty of other opportunities for the allegedly reformed Mr. Vick. I consistently make the analogy of those who practice law. They are members of an elite profession that is frequently highly compensated. If an attorney committed such acts, s/he would be disbarred for a number of violations of the code of conduct (and the societal contract.) At the conclusion of their sentence, it is highly unlikely that any Bar in the country would readmit him/her. Why not the same standard?

I understand that the NFL has allowed those who violated the law (some egregiously so) to continue to ply their trade on stadium fields. I ask two questions in response:
1 - if there is any moral code in the NFL (and there is a rather clear "moral turpitude" clause in the Collective Bargaining Agreement,) what is beyond the pale if this is not?
2 - Do you really think that Socio-Paths can be reformed?