Runaway Toyota Prius - I Believe James Sikes

The executives of Toyota announced that no problems were found in the Toyota driven by James Sikes that accelerated uncontrollably on a California highway. And you believe that, right?

Please remember another man was in prison for killing someone while driving a Toyota that accelerated on its own and would not be stopped. No one believed him, either.

But I especially love the attack mode that the PR flacks at Toyota used to discredit Mr. Sikes and restore the credibility of the Toyota brand. As if we, the American car-buying public, will believe two days of tests by Toyota engineers now. Of course, the Toyota brand is the point of all this Johnny-come-lately concern from Toyota executives. They probably fired the guy who told them about this problem years ago. They weren't worried until the American public found out. And somehow attacking the guy driving the runaway car is supposed to make us feel better. It doesn't. Mr Sikes still has more credibility.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I didn't buy a Toyota Prius now. I'm a sketchy driver under the best of conditions. Having to worry about a runaway car would be too much stress for me. Not to mention the others on the road.

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Anonymous said...

The CHP believed him, the evidence of complete brake wear down (on a 2 year old car) supports him. I do too. I hope this takes over and vindicates his story, poor guy.