NACA Save the Dream Event in Phoenix Arizona

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NACA SAVE-A-THON TOUR - 2011 February 3-7, 2011, Phoenix Convention Center

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Due to the tremendous success of NACA's Save-the-Dream events, we are continuing the Save-the-Dream Tour in 2011. These events are the most effecitve and the only viable solution for large numbers of homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage. No where else can homeowners can meet with their Lender/Servicer to address their personal circumstances and get a same day solution.

Hundreds of thousands of participants have participated at NACA's Save-the-Dream events nationwide with over 30,000 people at each one. Thousands of homeowners received same day solutions with many having their interest rates permanently reduced to 4%, 3%, and 2% and in some also having their outstanding principal reduced. Homeowners saved hundreds of dollars a month and some over a thousand dollars. NACA provides the most effective long-term solutions because it has secured legally binding agreements with all the major servicers/lenders and the major investors (i.e. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) which cover approximately 90% of the country's at-risk homeowners. NACA has established the national standard in providing long-term affordable solutions for at-risk homeowners - All of NACA’s services are FREE.

We are expanding many of the events to be a 24 hour a day Save-a-Thons over five days. Now they will be able to come inside to receive counseling even after sunset and before sunrise. NACA will have over 500 staff and volunteers on site and hundreds more off-site to work with all the homeowners. The Lenders/Servicers and major investors will also have hundreds of staff on-site and many more off-site to provide same day affordable solutions. In addition to providing the solutions, many of the servicers will have the documents ready for homeowners to sign. The process would be completed with a resulting long-term affordable payment.

The following is the Save-a-Thon Tour Schedule for 2011. The schedule is not confirmed and we are working on finalizing the locations and dates. If you plan on attending you should sign-up. The final schedule will be largely determined by the support we have from your political leaders. You can influence our decision by getting your mayor, city counselors, state officials, congressperson and senators to support the event. We have provided a link below to the mayor and other politicians in the proposed city.

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Lisa said...

My friend told me about these and I'm going to try to come to the one in Phoenix!!