Russian Rap: Hip Hop With a Smile

A really infectious song that shows hip hop doesn't have to be angry. Another youtube video that you will want to watch over and over again.

What's so interesting is how the classic hip hop gang poses, with hand signals and standing with crossed arms, is adapted to another place across the globe with a mocking laugh. Nothing vicious, just fun. Another difference in this video in the incorporation of many regular people. There is no need for barely-dressed women draped on cars or around pools. The artistic confidence displayed by both choices is often missing in U.S. hip hop videos.

As the reader might know, I am a fan of the San Diego hip hop sound. However, the videos follow a formulaic visual track of anger, cement, barely-dressed women, big gold jewelry and cars. I understand that this message is a reflection of a life lived, but is there nothing else to say visually? Something to think about.

The video and the music speaks for itself and is fun to watch.

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