Columbia Heights Ham Radio Field Day, June 28, 2014

A Communications Extravaganza!  No internet, no electricity - no problem!

Washington D.C.'s ham radio club, HacDC, in coordination with ham radio clubs across the country, is hosting a Field Day.  Field Day is a communications extravaganza where our members demonstrate emergency communications, emailing without an Internet, and bouncing radio signals off of the moon.

Katrina, 9/11, Hurricane Sandy - Ham radio operators are on the front lines in a disaster.  Their personal radios can relay safety messages about survivors to family, or medical needs from a hospital. 

HacDC practices with the D.C. Department of Health in their emergency preparations.  HacDC provides willing volunteers to teach staff about radio communications and to man hospital emergency communication teams.

See how it's done!
  • Bouncing radio signals off of the ionosphere to talk long distance
  • Practicing emergency communications in the event of a total infrastructure break down, like email and text communications - and -
  • Setting up our own internet, totally independent of the big one
  • Learn about ham radio
  • Practice contacting satellites via handheld radios
  • Look! A spectrum analyzer!

Visit us from noon on Saturday June 28 through Sunday 2:30 p.m. straight.  That's right, we hit those radios for 24 straight hours.

June 28, 2014

1525 Newton Street, NW, THIRD FLOOR, Washington, DC 20010

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