Another troublesome email from the Democratic National Committee, or the Democratic Party, or something like that.  It seems that these emails will never end.

It is rumored that President Obama has this massive list of emails that he can use after leaving office.  These are emails of people who supported him politically, and made the dread mistake of filling out of form.

If what I am experiencing is anything like that annoyance and harassment he plans to wield in the future, he's shooting himself in the foot.

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: a-s-t-r-o-n-o-m-i-c-a-l
Date: July 31, 2014 at 10:49:36 PM EDT
To: Christine Axsmith <caxsmith@mac.com>
Reply-To: dccc@dccc.org

We're on the verge of a nervous breakdown here at Democratic Headquarters.

Don't worry! Things are going great! But we just realized we're on the cusp of having our BEST WEEK EVER.

And you know what? It's all thanks to John Boehner. Your response to his disgusting lawsuit has been astronomical!

Can you imagine his embarrassment if HIS lawsuit leads to OURbest week ever?

Let's show him what we're made of. Less than 2 hours to go -- we're just 1,731 more donations away from having our best online fundraising week in history!


Chip in $5 immediately >>

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Let's go!


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Christine Axsmith
DC Amateur Radio Club

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