YOU DID IT (and two cool maps)

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From: "Guy Cecil, DSCC" <info@dscc.org>
Date: August 1, 2014 at 2:45:34 PM EDT
Subject: YOU DID IT (and two cool maps)
Reply-To: info@dscc.org

Christine -- This is amazing. I've NEVER seen an outpouring of support like the one I've seen over the past month, especially the past couple of days. Thank you SO MUCH. Committed folks like you are the heart and soul of the Democratic effort.

These two cool maps show just how much grassroots supporters have accomplished:

1. After Boehner and the Tea Party voted to sue President Obama, your generosity allowed us to reach a tremendous milestone: $100 MILLION raised to help Democrats win this election. Check out this map of our donors from yesterday alone -- EVERY STATE is represented. You made Boehner's lawsuit backfire — that money will go straight towards helping Democrats win and keeping the Senate in November.

2. Thanks to your support, we hit 50,000 contributions for our Paint the South Blue Program to support our voter mobilization efforts. This will allow us to expand our activities in five COMPETITIVE Southern states and take the fight to the Republicans in their backyard! Check it out below -- we're already surging in the polls. The results could be tremendous. Stay tuned.


I'm excited to share this great news, and THANK YOU AGAIN for your incredible support. Once again you've shown that NO ONE is more committed than our grassroots supporters.

Thank you,
Guy Cecil
DSCC Executive Director

P.S. After this week, John Boehner is DEFINITELY not signing President Obama's birthday card. But the big day is on Monday -- will you sign his card and wish him happy birthday?

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