More on Radio Lies

Leisure Lad pointed out to me that, indeed, everyone knows that DJs take payoffs.

He also asked a very good question: what is the real harm?

There is harm to excellent artists whose work is not heard because the money is not behind them. That's all Econo-Girl can think of.

Leisure Lad remarked that, yes, New York was awash with bad music because of the corruption, but so what? That didn't justify the big fine Sony had to pay. In his mind, no one was really hurt and the state of New York should have better things to do than chase DJs who play lousy music.

Econo-Girl still believes the prosecution of corrupt DJs was a good idea. The economic impact of promoting lousy music is that the recording industry is in a slump, and a well-deserved one from the looks of it.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Who buys music anymore?

On a side note, I FIRED all the clear channel DJs and subscribed to Sirius Satellite Radio. You should try it, you can get a free three day trial to listen over the web.