Why the Marketplace is Not Efficient - Reason #1

Econo-Girl is not a believer in the efficiency of a free market system. She has only to reflect on the women's clothing industry to see a business that does NOT respond to the demands of consumers. They would much rather spend billions to make women feel bad to create demand for their product. Is that efficient?

And, God forfend, if women DON'T FIT THE CLOTHES, there is something wrong with the WOMAN? As if some sadist really ought to be telling women what body type is 'in' this year? To those who would chatter about how all this is changing in recent years, Econo-Girl points out that it has been going on for a century at least.

Of course, most economists are men. They only think of women's clothing in terms of tightness. If Econo-Girl dressed as her husband wished, she would be arrested. But he is such a wonderful man. He hates the clothing industry too, for creating norms where Econo-Girl won't go out of the house without a bra on. "Baby, you look great! Don't listen to those designers! They don't even like women!" Yet Econo-Girl cannot rid herself of her conditioning.

Now Econo-Girl must confess. I am going on the South Beach diet. I feel fat. I have a tummy roll. But I am worried about my health and my blood sugar irregularities. And Leisure Lad is diabetic. So time to make a radical switch.
Goodbye, sugar.


run75441 said...


Best bet. At 6'1", I blew up to 230# and carried it kind of ok. Went on Atkins and dropped down to 206# and then went back up to 218#. Comfortable but still not the level I wanted to be. As my blood pressure went up due to outside influences, I again took matters into my own hands and swore off sodium. Try buying food with no sodium in it! Anyway, this was on a guy who left the Marines at 155# and while in his forties was weight lifting with sets at 240# and weighing 180#. Age like God has a tendency to play cruel jokes on people and laugh.

Fruits and veggies during the day and a small portion of meat at night over the last 3 months and I sit at ~190#. Exercise has always been a factor. I run 3 miles a day during the week and 6 per day on weekends. I don't know how packing a gun in NYC might restrain one's speed; but, running in NYC could be an issue. If running is an issue because you do not like it, then trying walking at a fast pace on a tread mill with an incline of 5 or 6 degrees. Get a TV in front of it to watch CNN. There are some good tread mills out there at about $1500 (and get the warranty). At about $1500, the motor and the quality are good.

Enough of the health tips. Clothing has always been an issue. What is kind of cool is I can now wear some of my old ones from the 1/3rd of the closet I am allowed to occupy. As we age, our bodies change and women after kids typically take on a womanly shape which most designers choose to ignore. There are many attractive woman who are married with kids out there who seem to be ignored in the fashion market. Why? Perhaps it is a preocupation with youth and how everyone is into lypo or botox or implants or nips and tucks or eyelids to preserve youth. So the designers design for women that look like boys with no hips or boobs. No problem with small breasted women here and I give them there due. At my age, if they are looking my way, I always look behind me to make sure it is not someone else they are looking to. The same exists for men to some degree for clothes. I am not into the baggy look nor do I wear low slung jeans as my six-pack abdomen might reappear in my next reincarnation.

Anyhoo! My $.02 worth

The Lazy Iguana said...

Econo-Girl needs a boat. You will spend soooooo much time and energy doing stuff to it, that you will get a decent workout without realizing it.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get a console to play Dance, Dance Revolution? I heard a story this morning on how people lose weight on it. One of my relatives has lost weight on it too. This is the work-out of the future.

Econo-Girl said...

That Dance Dance revolution thing - is that where you have a mat and when the music plays the mat lights up and you step on the lights? It sounds like so much fun! Where do I get one?

Econo-Girl said...

I really need protein or I feel like I will kill someone sometimes. The heavy emphasis on fruits and vegetables is smart. Funny, I dont' miss the sugar or bread.