Evicting Dave the Actor

So it has finally come to this. This time, not only has he not paid his rent, he handed me a few rubber checks as well. The good news is that he pays week to week, so I'm not out of all that money.

So he gives me this story that $7000 will be arriving. And each time I ask, he tells me "it hasn't cleared yet." This goes on for two weeks. Finally, I tell him he has to leave and he tells me "but I won't have any money until my paycheck on Friday." Huh? What happened to the $7000 that was coming in? I'm so angry I can't even look at him.

Since Dave lives in the house with us and rents a room, we don't all the restrictions associated with kicking him out.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

That sucks. I would not be able to rent anyone a room in my house. I would want a metal frame door jam, steel plated exterior security doors, and triple dead bolts for areas of the house that are "mine" as opposed to "common".