Russia and Official Murder

Another Western publishing worker was murdered in Russia. Putin does not stop at killing Russians in London. He does not stop at killing critics in the Russian media. He does not stop at killing rivals at home. Why would he stop at killing troublemakers here in Washington, DC?

London has expelled four Russian diplomats because Russia refuses to extradite the killer of a Russian exile critical of Putin, Litvinenko. The man, a former KGB agent, was killed in London. In other words, allegedly acting under Putin's orders, someone in London was killed. I hope I am not the only person outraged at this.

Where is the screaming right-wing media on this one?

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Firminator said...

Axis Bold as Love,

Someone said on a Voice Carieer and Microphone that my Gram Osgood was Foodposioning me too. I am waiting for the FBI Special Victims Unit because The State Department Vehicle never arrived at my sisters and The DSS Embassy of 1973 and ELF Subliminally Influencing and Spying should have been using Maximum Security Prisoners. A Manchild as something to do with Kiddie Porn NOT ANY INTERNATIONAL FEHRMANN!



Richard "The Firminator" Fehrmann