"CIA" As An Epithet

One of the disadvantages of being known to have once worked on a contract at the CIA is that you are subject to the slur of "CIA." That's it. I didn't know that "CIA" was an epithet unto itself. However, it seems that it is.

One would expect at least an adjective, such as "slimy" or "lying." Or that "CIA" would be used as an adjective itself, as in "CIA pig." Some people get really sensitive about these things. Not I.

It seems that the association itself with a person is enough of a put-down. And that is truly sad.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Really? How about you just reply "high school drop out". Or "McDonalds Floor Mopper". Because if the best insult they can come up with is "CIA" then "kindergarten flunk out" is probably true.