Denmark and Russia in a Battle to the Death

The North Pole is the globe's hottest disputed territory right now. Russia, still sore at its loss of Eastern European domination, is now fighting over ice flows.

"Mine!" shouts a balding Putin, shaking his fists over a map of the Arctic. "All mine!"

And now a team of Danish scientists are going into the North Pole area for research. A threat if I ever saw one! Stayed tuned for military hi jinks by the Russian government.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I thought that the USA and Canada also have extensive claims in the arctic.

Which beings up an interesting point. Bush and the neo-cons claim that global warming is a myth, right? So why the massive "land grab" over what amounts to a large sheet of ice with water under it? You can not really do anything with that area. No drilling for oil due to ice flows and such. There are no shipping lanes.

So why the grab? Hummmm....

Fuzz said...

This could be cool. If we can melt some of that ice, then maybe we can get more oil.