Note to Obama Administration: No, You Can't Get Away With It

What is Barak Obama thinking? Someone in his Administration gives the OK for AIG corporate bonuses. Retention bonuses, no less. And they really seemed to think this would just fly by everybody without protest. The one thing Obama doesn't need is to be seen as on the side of the people who brought our economy down. Pretty speeches are great, but the credibility behind them is even more important.

Better yet, the Obama Administration just tried to get private insurance carriers to bear the costs of caring for veterans injured in war. Let's take a look at that for a minute. The upshot, as my husband pointed out, is that veterans would not be able to get private insurance because the insurer would be stuck with all the medical bills related to combat injuries. Or, all the other people insured by the same private insurer as the veteran would be the ones helping to pay the medical costs. The Obama Administration didn't get away with it.

It's only March, and these slimeball tactics are already hurting the credibility and moral leadership of the Obama Administration. Straighten up and fly right, buddy. You're not going to get too many more passes.

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