We're Looking for Someone to Kill

This whole financial mess has really brought out the bloodthirstiness of the American public. Does anybody remember when Ronald Reagan said that millionaires shouldn't be taxed so much and everybody agreed because they thought they might be millionaires one day?

It has to be occurring to at least some of those investment bankers and Wall Street types that their lives are in danger as well as their bonuses. In fact, a public set down and a few public humiliations would do a lot towards the security of the former Masters of the Universe. Who would imagine that it would all end so badly, so quickly?

And don't underestimate the willingness of the U.S. Congress to really get mean and claw back bonuses for the last decade. Anything to keep from being blamed is the motto of every American politician these days.

The good news is that people are only killing their defenseless family members at this time. What kind of twisted pride would lead a person to think their kids are better off dead than poor? Sorry. I can't get over that one.

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