"Kate Plus Eight" - Or, Jon Gosselin Finally Gets It

So Moron of the Year Jon Gosselin finally understands: the brand's the thing. It is not about the money and the babes. The money and the babes are only a result of the brand you have created for yourself. Especially in reality tv. If the babes and the fun get in the way of your brand, they are too expensive and you can't afford them.

Unbeknownst to Jon Gosselin, he and his soon-to-be ex-wife have been engaged in a pitched war of brand identities. His self-indulgence has cost him millions of dollars because, let's face it, who's interested in him now? Childish, whoring, irresponsible fathers are a dime a dozen. You just need to look out your window for that.

Jon Gosselin's new attempt to rehabilitate himself by putting a hold on his divorce proceeding with his wife, Kate, is going to fail. The pictures of him jumping from woman to woman, partying with miscellaneous bikini babes, etc has painted a picture that just is not marketable. And, of course, Kate has plans for another series after this one. In the end, she is the one we all want to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Kate's command attitude and air of superiority drove Jon off even though it not justify his misbehavior. What a sad family who exploits their kids.