United Flight Travel Nightmare

When a person buys a flight on Expedia, it is possible to get connecting flights that are literally impossible to make given the security and the size of airports. Another problem is that airlines have cut helpful personnel to the point where no one is available to answer questions or to assist a customer. A friend of mine found out the hard way.

First class check in personnel refused to help her because she wasn't flying first class for United - and yes, she was flying United coach class. That wasn't enough to warrant their concern.

"{They} refused to help me at all because I was not in first class and threatened to call the police if I didn't shut up. I suggested they go ahead because if I got arrested I would sue the airline.

"I went off the 200 yards away to economy check in where I saw a group of employees behind the desk talking to each other and asked for help to be told I have to wait in line. By the time I waited in the check in line there was no was to make the flight. The woman at the check in desk suggested I sit down and for 15 minutes and then come back (while all possible transfer flights were booked up or I had insufficient time to make). Then she said she could get me on a flight to Chicago but I would have to spend the night there."

"This was 2 pm on a bright clear day with no major problems across the country. I knew there were many flights which would get me home.

"Then the police came, then and only then did the check clerk actually try to find a solution to my problem. I thanked to police officer and he reacted like I was being belligerent for my expression of gratitude. The manager threatened to refund my tickets if I said anything more. If I had been alone I would have kept talking.

"Finally I got booked on a flight to WAS. In security they decided to pat me down because I was wearing a skirt except I had to wait about five minutes for someone to show up to pat me down while the line waited. I get to the gate and realize I still don't have boarding passes and have to check in yet again. If the plane had been boarding I would have been in trouble since United only has one employee per gate and they would have been checking in people. I had a nice flight but still haven't gotten my bag. "

Question: Why did United Airlines have 3 employees available to intimidate an upset customer and none available to offer any assistance when it might have been possible to make the original flight?


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