Dog Helps Vet with PTSD Symptoms

Good Morning America had a great story about a young German Shepard dog helping a Vietnam Vet with PTSD with his symptoms. What I love about German Shepards in particular is how smart they are.

My husband has promised that I can pick our next dog and I want a German Shepard from Germany. The American German Shepard is bred for looks. The German German Shepard is bred for intelligence. Our dog right now is Amber, and she is brilliant - half German Shepard and half pit bull. Pit bulls are generally not known for their brains. My little princess is smart, however. She loves chewing gum, and you always have to watch your packs of gum with her around.

I like seeing that dogs are being given useful tasks in our society. They have attributes that we lack, like keen sense of smell and sharp eyes. I have even heard of dogs being able to smell cancer from lab specimens.

Maybe so many animals wouldn't be killed in shelters every year if there were useful jobs for them to do.

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