Hurricane Sandy Predicted by PBS Newshour in 2000

On Sunday, December 31, 2000, the PBS Newshour interviewed Ben Strauss about rising sea levels and its impact on our lives.

Wow. Prophetic. Strauss specifically talked about a storm like Sandy and the possibility that the subway system in New York City could be flooded.  He mentioned that the risk of once in a century storms has been doubled.

Strauss' advice was to, basically, move people out of parts of New York City, southern Florida, southern California. He also mentioned the Chesapeake Bay area as a problem spot. Umm, that's where I live. Oh well, glad I'm selling the house now. Tennessee looks nice.  Maybe we'll move there.

I found the story on the PBS Newshour Science and Technology Coverage podcast.  Don't know how to link it though. 

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