Justice for Amanda Knox

Poor Amanda Knox.  This Italian legal system is really throwing her around.  First, she is found guilty.  Then she is going to be retried.  She already spent four years in Italian prison.  She may be extradicted, she may not. 

At least she is one American who is getting a trial.  Imagine the feelings of the family of that 16-year-old who was killed by a drone without any trial at all?  He was also an American.  Yes, his father was a terrorist who dragged him halfway around the world, but he was still an American and a teenager at that.  No, he was not a cute girl.

It's funny the outrage that the American media is showing about Amanda Knox but not the other Americans on President Obama's Kill List.  Amanda Knox's plight is the lead on Huffington Post right now.  I didn't even check CNN.com. 

Imagine we lived in a world where the mainstream press cared that the Constitution was being destroyed.  Where killing American citizens without a trial was considered outrageous.  At least Amanda Knox has had her day in court.  What about the other Americans on the Kill List or in indefinite detention?  Where's the outrage there?

Nowhere to be seen.

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