I think Blue Cross Blue Shield Was Hacked

I paid by phone last month and was completely up to date.

Then Blue Cross Blue Shield took out the monthly premium from the old account I used to pay for health insurance.

Then Blue Cross Blue Shield took out almost triple the amount of the monthly premium from the account it is currently being paid from.

So I phone Blue Cross Blue Shield to get answers as to how this happened.  I was on hold for 21 minutes.  Then the customer service representative, who was very nice, couldn't understand how this happened.  I am getting at least a partial refund.  But it is via check and will take 14 - 21 days.  The withdrawal was via electronic transfer and happened instantly.  And I am not convinced that I am getting the whole refund back.

Fortunately, there is a cushion in my account.  But this is an inconvenience, and at another time, could have been a real problem for us.

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