My iPhone is Possessed

The other night I was trying to get to sleep, and my iPhone kept making alert sounds. But not any alert sounds that I used. It was scrolling through the many alert variations it had in storage.

I wonder what it is up to when my back is turned.

Frequently my iPhone is brought back from sleep and I catch it playing a game I have never seen, or calculating my net worth.

Now I am naturally of a suspicious turn of mind. My husband is always telling me night vision goggles are not necessary to take out the trash. Still, I am vigilant.

But this iPhone thing has me worried. What if a bunch of them got together? Do they have texting parties at night? Do they pass pictures of us around to each other and laugh at our round heads? I wonder.

Still, even if all this were true, it wouldn't change anything. I would be just a little more depressed.

Sent by iPhone (heh heh heh)

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