Broadchurch on Netflix

A really great detective series, even though it relies on old tropes like the seriously ill detective who is trying to redeem himself through the case investigation.

Even so, the story was so captivating, and unpredictable, it is one of those series that you will want to watch in a marathon.

It starts out like a commercial for small-town living: everyone says hello, is friendly, knows each other.  Then a thoroughly shocking event, the dead body of a boy found on the beach, disrupts relationships and trust.  And I guess the friendliness as well.

The female detective, Ellie Miller, a local, makes a transition from nice neighbor lady to a real detective with resistance and fight.  It's fun to watch her struggle between being a community member and looking at unpalatable information about people she knows, and then pursuing it.

The child actor who plays Tom Miller is superb.  His small expressions were so efficient and communicative.  That boy has a future in acting.

The ending is very surprising, but still ties into the whole story.

This show must be seen by all detective and mystery fans.  It is not going on a limb to say that Broadchurch is one of the best shows in this genre that I have ever seen.

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