The Interview on Netflix - "They Hate Us, Because They Ain't Us-

Congratulations to the Sony hackers for making this movie more interesting than it otherwise would be. So I spent the entire movie trying to figure out what made Kim Jong-Un so mad.  Truthfully, the character that played the North Korean leader reminded me of a supervisor from long ago.  I mean, a lot.

For those who need a refresher, Kim Jong-Un, the real one, executed his ex-girlfriend for making porno, executed his uncle in a power struggle and supposedly embarrassed Sony executives because he didn't want this movie shown.  Read an earlier post on that.  Still, it made watching the movie that much more fun.

Many have panned The Interview, but they are all wrong.  It is funny and satirical.

The premise of the movie is that Kim Jong-Un, the deadly leader of North Korea, agrees to an interview with a television show on the level of Entertainment Tonight.  The host of that show is dumb, but with an instinct for pulling juicy tidbits from his guests.  The producer of the show is the brains, but feeling insecure because friends from school are doing "serious news."

The parallels to Dennis Rodman can't be ignored.  But I am not in favor of slamming on Dennis Rodman, after all, somebody has to be talking to the leader of North Korea, and right now he is it.  And given Kim Jong-Un's history with those close to him, it is no joke to think Mr. Rodman is taking his life in his hands with his diplomatic endeavors.

The pair are roundly mocked by media personalities for securing the interview with Kim Jong-Un.  That's where "They hate us, because they ain't us" is shouted a while, with some jumping around.  It has to be the take-away quote of the movie.

So the CIA gets them to agree to kill Kim Jong-Un, and hilarity ensues.  Kind of.  Some gross, disgusting, are-you-guys-in-eighth-grade humor, and the film drags a little towards the end, maybe because things blowing up and gun battles are what I call boring.  It's a good movie and you should watch it.

The other money quote: "You Americans keep making the same mistake."  Think on it.

I won't give away the ending - but it's a real finger-biter.  

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