I can no longer take koalas seriously after hearing what they sound like [0:56]

From Reddit user Freet0:

Koalas are the worst animal. Let me tell you why.

1) They eat almost exclusively eucalyptus leaves. Because they are ill equipped to digest these leaves (which are already low in nutrients), koalas have to eat a ton of them. Their lives are almost all sleeping(digesting) or eating or shitting.

2) Speaking of shitting, baby koalas eat the poop of adult koalas. Because as bad as the adult is at digesting these awful leaves, the babies are even worse. So the only way they can get anything out of them at all is to have them pre-digested.

3) Koalas are incredibly stupid. They have the smallest brain to body size ratio of any mammal. Their stupidity can be seen easily by taking a few of those terrible leaves they love and putting them on a plate. The koala will not eat them because it is too stupid to realize they can still be food if they're not attached to a tree.

4) They sound like demons. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8oLu7znwQ0.

5) That eucalyptus plant, in addition to being a terrible food, also makes them high. All the time. Like, there is probably not a single moment of a koala's life that its already incredibly stupid brain is not in the grip of this drug masquerading as food.*

6) Most of them have chlamydia. Not like, some special koala version of the disease. Just regular chlamydia which they can give to humans. And thanks to the disease they are always pissing themselves.

So there you go. They're shit eating retard demons with STDs and a drug problem.

*edit: its been pointed out that #5 is a myth and their behavior is just due to the low nutrition of the leaves. Thanks disgruntledpenguins

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