Pokemon Go - Because I'm Tired of Crying

Growing up in a very rural area, I always followed the news avidly, dreaming of the day I was big and could go to the places I read about. Politics and policy engaged my mind since grade school.

I remember my bitter disappointment when Madonna was put on the cover of Time magazine. It was unworthy of their stature.

Decades later, phone cameras and alternative media has shown American fault lines heretofore unseen. And I can't stop crying.

All those innocent people shot dead at traffic stops, or for being a mentally challenged person walking in the street. After the Dallas tragedy, both my minister and myself cried during church. I am tapping this out during break time at work, and tears are coming to my eyes.

So I downloaded Pokemon Go and spent lunch finding Pokemon. One was dancing on my knee! I caught him!

Five decades of disgust with people who sit and watch meaningful civil rights struggles and do nada are behind me.

I need a break. It's time for Pokemon Go. And I can't be the only one.

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