Gambling, Gambling, My Goodness!

Econo-Girl is glad that her little dumplings are so thoughtful in their opinions.

We have had some contretemps lately about gambling. To gamble or not to gamble, is that the question? Not really. Can you stop? That is the question. How much of your net income do you spend doing it?

Econo-Girl will not bore her readers with another story of her Vegas trip. But if Econo-Girl was going to measure the joy of a gambling experience, it would be how long $100 would last. Because it can be a heady experience with the dealers and people watching you, the lights and decor making you feel like a big shot. At least that's what Econo-Girl felt at the beginners' cheapskate table. Not even the soda was free.

And then you look around and see the other tables, where you can lose much more money much more quickly. And, yes, it seems that beating the house just might be possible, or even easy. The whole thing scared Econo-Girl and so she stays away.

But if that isn't what it does to you, and you can stop and set limits on yourself, do it! It's just that the casinos are banking on your not being able to stop. And, unfortunately, they are usually right.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do believe you are right.

Although, and it may just be me, I'd much rather not risk losing my money on such a thing. A hundred dollars, though relatively little, can buy a lo--well, some stuff. Movies, music, [Rand] books *cough*. But, again, thats just me. I'm fine with other people gambling and the like.

Econo-Girl said...

It's like a lot of things. If you can't stop yourself, you are in trouble. So, as in a lot of things, the answer is to 'know thyself'.

Anonymous said...

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