Nixon's Last Gasp

In a last bid to hold on to power, Nixon contacted Democrats on the Hill and offered to support universal health care if they just forgot about this breaking and entering stuff.

What is the Republican last gasp these days? Immigration? Lower taxes? The War? It seems the President is even listening to non-scripted questions. Talk about desparate.

Econo-Girl has predicted that in the end, Bush II is going to wish he had lost re-election like his Dad.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

I think we will all wish that he lost re-election. Of course Herman Munster might have turned out to be only slightly better.

But what is done is done. If the democrats take back Congress this year we could see another impeachment trial. This would make Cheney the president if Bush quits or is convicted. I think it might be better to just leave things alone.

The neo-consertive movement is on advanced life support, and the feeding tube is about to be removed. This is enough for me. The question is will the Democrats learn anything? Probalby not. The center/left will win, and then allow the left/left to usurp power.