WalMart America

Econo-Girl has an idea! One that will solve our budget shortfall lickety-split!

Let's sell the name of our country. Sure. There's the Verizon Dome, or whatever, so why not WalMart America? And should they take a nosedive, we can sell it again. This could go on forever. Talk about capitalism. Somebody should mention this idea to the President.


The Lazy Iguana said...

What brand equity does America have anymore? Anyplace named "WalMart America" and located overseas would instantly be a target for all sorts of protesters.

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M J Rochner said...

Excellent idea, but let's shorten the new name to WALMARICA. That way we don't have to change all the songs...

Anonymous said...

The state of Florida currently subsidizes Walmart's low paid workers with government health insurance from Florida. As a lifelong Floridian, I really don't feel obligated to do anything for the Bush's friends. And as a citizen of the United States ( family pre 1776 ) , I'm for the starting from scratch program and enforcing existing laws and reform.

Jonathan b. said...

I also had a TS clearance, econo-girl - and appreciated its allure - but found the authoritarian mentality too unpleasant to work for. You're needed just as much outside as in. Best of luck to you.

As far as selling the country goes, you know there are six blank lines on the flag; for a price, I'm sure we could work a coke or an exxon logo in there...Then at least we'd finally be pledging allegiance to the real powers instead of some constitutional concoction.