Where's the Optimism?

Economists want to know: where U.S. consumer optimism? Job growth is going well, corporate profits are going up, what's the problem?

How disconnected are these goons, anyway? Would it be the rising cost of the same old debt because of the rising interest rates? Like credit cards and interest-only mortgages? Guess how many people that affects? Rising gas prices is only one part of it. So is the forboding knowlege that all this deficit spending is going to have to be paid by US, the U.S. taxpayer.



lewis_medlock said...

yep...big disconnect there.

also, a 3 year COSTLY conflict that has no end in sight is still simmering in the collective consciousness. No peace-nik here....war is inevitable at times, but this one was avoidable.
Those billions come from somewhere.

The Lazy Iguana said...

What rising job market? McDonalds and Wal-Mart Greeter jobs do not count.

The fact that corporate profits are up is a big clue here. How do they do this on a flat sales curve?

By paying people LESS and keeping MORE. And with the chatter about an invasion of Iran driving gas prices up to $5 a gallon or more - people are not going to splurge on a new fridge unless they really need one.

There is way too much uncertanity out there for consumer optimism to take root.