Sadly Validated

See The Telegraph from the UK:

Markets braced for the worst By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (Filed: 15/05/2006)

Global markets are bracing for turmoil today after an ominous slide in the US dollar and a slump in equity and bond prices late last week sent tremors through the global financial system, evoking memories of the 1987 crash.

So what's an Econo-Girl to do? What she has been doing for a year: paying off debts that go up with with the interest rates, trying to economize in groceries, etc. She is even considering taking up sewing again. There's nothing like it. I makes you feel like you are a clothing designer.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

I just hope people do not stop flying. American Airlines accounts for at least if not more than 50% of the flights into and out of the port I work at. If AA goes belly up.....well lets just say it could be ugly.