Waterboarding is Torture, and Torture is Wrong

The U.S. President has just announced that the Geneva Conventions will apply to detainees and that all the prisoners held by the CIA will be transferred to the Department of Defense. He also said that waterboarding will not be used during interrogations.

I just really want to believe him.

There are a few problems with believing our President, however. It's that he fought the anti-torture amendment passed by Congress and threatened to veto it. It's that once he did sign the law, he said he wouldn't apply it. This Administration is the one where the words don't meet the actions too frequently for comfort or credibility.

Oh yeah, and why was I fired? I mean the day before the Department of Defense and the CIA announced to the world that they were going to apply the Geneva Conventions to all prisoners. After that new policy was announced I wrote my blog post criticizing torture.

"What were you thinking?" the upper management types kept asking me. "But you said it was your policy," I replied. And I believed it then. I really want to believe it now. "The Seventh Floor is really upset with what you wrote," they said. And why was that? Were they sincere in what they said, or not? Judging by their behavior, I would say not. Are they this time? Too early to tell. But I know this: this battle is not over. Even if the abuse has stopped, the bill still needs to be paid.

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Fuzz said...

Does this mean water-boarding was OK before ?
I don't usually expect words to have much relation to reality in government.