The Media Beast Must Be Fed

Yes, Econo-Girl is aware that OJ no longer has a book and movie deal. While that is some measure of relief, wouldn't it just be easier to NOT TALK ABOUT a book that you didn't want to promote?

Of course, then the talking heads would need to talk about something else. Econo-Girl is full aware that the media beast needs to be fed.

But along those lines, do we really have to know about Brittany Spears' divorce? Leave the poor girl alone. Yes, the media beast must be fed. Yes, Ms. Spears has done her share of hopping up and down to get her photo taken. But by inviting that kind of publicity, does it necessarily mean that she invites intrusion into every part of her life? Do they HAVE to pick apart this terrible time just because she once promoted an album?

Econo-Girl thinks the media should leave celebrities alone sometimes. Are people really as interested as all that in their personal tragedies?


Fuzz said...

Despite everyones "disgust", plenty of people will want to read it, hence the "unpromotion". I hear there's a few copies on eBay.

Ferminator said...
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The Lazy Iguana said...

I do not care. But it seems many people do care. Otherwise, none of these crappy magazines like People and Star would sell a single issue.

After Diana was killed in Paris, I said to someone I knew at the time who was actually wearing black (and no relation to the Royal Family, Diana's family, or anything else close) that she helped kill Diana. Of course this freaked her out, and promoted a yelling event.

But I held my ground. She would buy all those magazines, books, and anything else containing photographs of so-called famous people. Therefore, people like her made photographs of people worth a lot of money. This of course fueled the whole paparazzi thing, which in turn chased down that car in Paris.

If there were no market for stupid photos, there would be no goons with cameras on motorcycles.

Econo-Girl said...


I agree. All of them helped kill Princess Diana. But I don't think you can blame the marketplace alone for what happened. There is a certain directed frenzy taken on by the press sometimes. Like when the crimes in the New Orleans Astrodome were misreported during Katrina. And of course, no reporters were fired for making things up.

Anonymous said...

If there is a profit to be made, someone will exploit it. If people keep buying it, someone will sell it. Seems to be what spins the western world around.

I would like to see more dignity. Leave private things to privacy. But, heck, it's a darned good way of keeping focus off the important stuff - like foreign policy. If people are paying attention to Bobby and Whitney, there's not much space for critical thinking.