Practice of Probate

An item on the dog front. First of all, it seems the cats have been peeing in the living room to get the dogs in trouble. Pesky cats, but you got to love them.

Econo-Girl has been graced with a vision lately. A vision where she uses her law degree in the field of probate law and guardianship for the elderly. It's time to unleash the inner advocate.

Some have said, "Why are you throwing away decades of computer experience and a guaranteed good income to start something new?"

But, without wanting to sound bitter or angry, Econo-Girl must admit to a bit of incapacitation since The Incident This Summer. Could she sit in a cubicle all day? Without really wanting to find out, the answer is probably "no."

Aside from that, should she dive into bureaucracy once more? Econo-Girl never fit in. She is an outside the box thinker if ever there was one. This is not the sort of thing that is welcomed, generally speaking.

Econo-Girl likens it to cutting off her big toe to fit into a glass slipper. Could she take such extreme measures? Sure. But it's not guaranteed to pay off. And that's just one toe too many for Econo-Girl.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Probate law huh? Why not. And I know how you feel - since the budget cut incident a few months ago I have been in a similar state. Can I go from a job I liked doing to a job I will probably hate? From a job where I got to meet Prime Ministers to a job that will have me rot in a cubicle?

More than likely - no.

Oh yea about the cats. There is a great product called the "Scat Mat". I got one to cure Sake from taking a wizz on the sofa. The Scat Mat is a plastic mat with some thin wires running through it. There is also a little control box that is powered by a 9v battery.

When the cat (or anything else) steps on the mat it gets an electric zap. The zap is similar to what you get if you shuffle your feet across a carpeted floor while wearing wool socks then reach for a doorknob.

Your cat will only walk in the mat once or twice. It works GREAT! Sake knows what the mat is. I do not even have to keep batteries in it anymore. Just the fact that it is there keeps her off the couch.

Anonymous said...

You are being called by a higher power...
and it is not your government calling.
Good Luck.