Should I Avoid Eating Sushi With Russians?

All this poisoning of Russian whistleblowers is getting Econo-Girl down. She had vain hopes of traveling the world, eating sushi wherever she went. Perhaps another decade, not this one. And London isn't even safe for me. Quite disconcerting.

People have called the current regime fascists, not without reason. But Econo-Girl can say this: killing little CC was never on the table. For that, we can thank the strong institutions of democracy here in the U.S. and the American public.

Not the current Administration, mind you. Politicians have never been good at controlling themselves, and this group seems a particularly vengeful lot.

A Russian man told me that in his country, I would be swinging from the end of a rope. And he said it before the reporter's assassination. After The Incident This Summer, Econo-Girl was warned away from remote sections of South America. It seemed a bit extreme, but I'd already been to the Amazon, so there was no clash of plans.

Perhaps Econo-Girl should just avoid rude Russians.

In Russia, there doesn't seem to be any outrage about the assassinations at all. Completely curious. Putin's feet are being held to the fire by the British government, and you can imagine how angry they must be. Imagine the audacity of Russia to send people over to kill people on British soil. If Britain did the same to them, what would happen? Certainly the Brits would feel justified in killing on Russian soil now, if they hadn't already.

Econo-Girl predicts a major international incident in the next few months. Not based on any new information, just an explosion based on what's happened already.


The Lazy Iguana said...

But what will come of it?

I predict that soon the investigation will encounter the famous stone wall. Or maybe even the iron wall. And at that stone wall the trail will end.

As for eating sushi in Russia - was this ever a good idea? I do not know if Russian quality control is up to the challenge of serving raw fish without getting people sick.

And right now it is cold to the second power in Russia. Better to wait for the summer.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why it is front news, it's because it happened in London. Had he been in any couontry, (read third world). It would not have been that big of a deal.
Nothing is going to come off it. I wonder how many other spys have been fed poisoned sushi without anyone finding out about it.

By next week it will be old news.

Econo-Girl said...

Econo-Girl still maintains that this is going to be big. I mean, Great Britain is not going to just brush an assassination on their soil to the side.

And soon it will be a matter of Putin disproving suspicions, rather than anyone needing to prove anything.

Ah, well. We shall see.

Fuzz said...

Nothing new under the sun

Anonymous said...

I think you are all missing what happened out the corner of the media’s eye?

Firstly, what happened in Dec 2005 - FSB out 4 MI6 operatives in an NGO Op to the world’s media and then describes the sophisticated tradecraft system in use, which was also used in other countries for agent comms thus nullifying several million pounds worth of MI6/TOS/AC development and compromising worldwide field operations.

Secondly, The KGB are past masters of silent wet jobs. At one time Hydrocyanic acid was their weapon of choice. Clean, efficient, and unless you know what to look for missed by most pathologists.

Thirdly, leave a easily identified trial back to Moscow on BA aircraft and a further 25 premises in the UK?

Fourthly, who knew which aircraft should have been investigated and why? Was it because these were dummy runs or where they deliberately used as part of a false flag?

Fifthly, even considering cockup over conspiracy - the FSB are professionals, does this look like a sanctioned wet job to you?

Sixthly, who gains most from all this?