The Pope Allies With Iran

Pope Benedict supports Iran's right to use nuclear energy. Not nuclear bombs, mind you, but nuclear energy. Pope Benedict met with Khatami, former leader of Iran. The Pope also mentioned the "freedom of religion" in Iran. Except if you are Jewish. He didn't think of that part, I guess.

"Meanwhile, Khatami said, 'Today, Muslims, Christians and followers of other religions should stress on their commonalities and strive to maintain unity in the face of insecurity and violence.' The former president regarded lack of kindness and justice as the root cause of main problems for mankind."

He's joking, right? Like calling for the destruction of Israel is kindness and justice?

I appreciate what the Pope is trying to do. He is trying to get a dialog going with Iran when the U.S. is failing to do this. The Pope is trying to get Iran talking and getting applause for nonviolent actions. That is a good thing. He is getting Iran engaged in positive constructive rhetoric which will be mentioned in the future, believe me.

Basically, Popes are forced to do things like this when the leader of the free world acts like a high school bully and snob all rolled into one. Bush senior was known for treating world leaders like they were all in some exclusive club. Bush junior acts the same, only he won't let everyone into the club and won't talk to those who don't belong. Not a mature way to handle foreign policy.


The Lazy Iguana said...

The Pope wishes that other world leaders still paid attention to what he says.

But they do not. Darn Protestant Reformation!

Anyway, he probably cut a deal. He says some good stuff about Iran, and Iran lets him open a few business franchises in Iran.

Did I say business franchises? I meant "churches".

Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...

Interesting post, I believe. I would like to rectify one point though... There are Jews in Iran and they can practice their religion freely. Obviously, if they were Israeli Jews, they wouldn't survive very long there. But as long as they are Farsi Jews, no problemo. OK, they are sometimes a bit persecuted (like the Sunni minority or the couple hundreds of Chrstian minorities too). But legally speaking, all religions of the Book have the right to practice their cults freely in Iran. As long as they don't marry outside their group, that they don't do any proslytism and that they don't have any public expression of their religion. It is far from perfect, but it is better than in Saudi Arabia, for instance. Which is none the less a country supposed to be ally with Western powers... Realpolitik...

Anonymous said...

there is jewish religion freedom in iran!hey but i forgot u are american and americans for some reason are stuoid.I guess it's the public school sistem's failure

Econo-Girl said...

Religious freedom would include outside the country of Iran as well. How can you say you are a nation of religious freedom and advocate the eradication of Israel and the Jews?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lets get it straight
The USA prits the dollar without any reserve in assets.Because all the countries in the world were doing their trades in dollar.
So they gave millions of dollars
to countries in exchange of food,clothes,OIL services ect ect
Wich is nothing than green paper
BUT in 2000 saddam changed iraq's dollars to euros and wanted to trade in euros.SO he was knocked out.Iran did the same only worse
THEY OPENED A STOCK EXCHANGE only in euros.So no need for the dollar now...maybe they'll be knocked out to.BUT there is russia and china
They are getting rid of the dollar to,but slowly slowly.So in the end noone will pay you interests for the green paper,will get rid of it,and then you'll end up trillionaires:in worthless paper

Anonymous said...

It is strange that noone in the usa dares to talk about this.To warn the people that HEY maybe in a few years your savings will worth nothing...

Econo-Girl said...

Your ideas are interesting, but a little lacking.

Yes, other countries are conducting international business in Euro. Yes, some of that business used to be conducted in Dollars. But that is only part of what supports the value of the dollar.

The United States is an extremely stable country that is also a huge marketplace. We allow and encourage innovation like no other country, and don't place impediments in the way of instant success. You can get as rich as you want, as fast as you want, if you are smart enough.

Another factor supporting the value of the Dollar is that people all over the world NEED the dollar to have value. First, many non-Americans put their money in Dollars in the United States because they know it will be safe. Second, you mention the exchange of goods and services in exchange for Dollars. Remember the end results of that exchange: we have their goods, they have the Dollars. If the bottom falls out of the value of the Dollar, it is the the trading partners who will be hit hard, not the U.S. After all, we are not holding those Dollars. China et. al. is. Even China's recent diversification won't change their billions in Dollar assets that make up their wealth. It is China at risk, not the U.S. Third, the U.S. population has a horrible savings rate. To answer your question, what savings?