Easter Island Gets Its First Taxi !

The article from Easter Island's newspaper is fun, upbeat and optimistic to the point of sounding like propaganda. It describes with pride the advent of taxicabs on Easter Island, one of the most remote places on Earth. Anything that isn't made on the island has to be shipped from at least 2,300 miles away.

Continuing down the page, you can see a snapshot of daily life on Easter Island by the listing of recent accomplishments. A new paved road is called a "marvel." An historical site was seized by the family that used to own it and trespassers are chased off with a spear gun. It seems the family never got the land they were promised in exchange. The canoe race at the annual Tapati Festival was canceled because one of the canoes was destroyed in the ocean. Only one canoe is left on the island.

But the lasting impression one gets is the joy and optimism of the people on the Island. It's uplifting to read.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

CRAP! If I go to Easter Island the last think I want to see is a paved road and "traffic jams". I can see that crap here.

The spear gun thing is funny. I think I could take over the place with my Colt .45 pistol.

Easter Island is facing an economic catch 22 here. People want to go there because it is "remote" and off the beaten path. You have to make an effort to get there. Nobody ends up there to catch a connecting flight.

So do you develop the place or not? Development means more people can come, which means more jobs and more economic stuff.

But it also means the place is less remote. That is a major draw to the place. I can say "I went to Easter Island" and send post cards and crap. But if it is easy to get there, and everyone goes there, why not just to to Tahiti? Or Hawaii?

What would I do? I like to say "keep the place remote and rugged". But I do not know if that is what I would actually do.

My business of choice to run there would be "Crazy Lazy's 4x4 Rental Vehicle Emporium And Gift Shop".