Bill Moyers Presents a Bombshell

WOW!! Bill Moyers skewered the right wing pundits who mindlessly promoted the war in Iraq. It was unbelievable. He showed Vice President Cheney outright lying on television. And he showed the pundits repeating the lies.

In short, the credibility of many journalists and pundits was outright attacked and destroyed. There is no way to ignore what Bill Moyers reported.


Brunch Bird said...

Well, but his main point was that the problem wasn't just the right wing pundits. Pretty much the entire national press, especially the White House press corps, were complete lapdogs for Bush and his administration in the run-up to war. Yes, FOX and The Weekly Standard certainly led the outright cheerleading, but there were folks like Dan Rather and Tim Russert saying last night that they got snowed and didn't do enough digging. The program provided a compelling and horrific journalism cautionary tale.

The Lazy Iguana said...

The White House made it impossible to dig. Bush was known to never take any questions from the scary old lady in the front row who might ask a hard question.

And then there were the hired hit men. ANYONE who dared to say anything was immediately attacked by "fair and balanced" assassins on Fox.

People were "terrorist lovers" and "anti-American" and "troop haters" and "liberal hacks" and "secular progressives" and "Jesus haters" and whatever. They might even expose the secret CIA identity of your wife! Anything goes.

And then lets not forget that nothing but lies and bullshit came from "official" sources. Even now, people are accused of "refusing to report on the good things happening in Iraq". What good things? Huh? Well go on Fox, tell us what "good things" are happening. It can not hurt your credibility any more than it is already damaged. At least not to the brainless few that still think your network is objective.

Everyone that gets close to Bush has to sit back and watch their credibility go up in flames. Anyone who supports him ends up looking like a total ass.

There have even been a few "fall guys" who have taken all the blame for things, to protect the guilty as hell Bush and Cheney. What do you want to bet that the guy who took the fall for outing Plame gets a Presidential Pardon after the 2008 election?

I wonder how much longer this can go on. You would think that at some point all his "loyalists" will either be in jail or so lacking in credibility that their testimony is useless.

Fuzz said...

I reluctantly supported Bush et al, but so much bullshit has come out I'm disgusted. This administration will be responsible for bringing down the Republican party.