Torture and the U.S. Image

The Iranian diplomat that the U.S. released claims he was tortured. That may or may not be true. What's important is that the claim of torture is so believable to the rest of the world. Our actions as a nation in this Global War on Terror have so besmirched our standing and credibility that any spurious claim will now be given a stage.

Thanks Rumsfeld. Thanks Bush. Thanks Guantanamo, and all the faceless bureaucrats that allowed it to happen.


Mark said...

Having worked at a Canadian University and in South Korea during the Clinton presidency, I can tell you with that American's are hated no matter who you elect as President. I've known quite a few genuine pinky brains, and they don't change their minds about the USA if you guys pull the donkey lever instead of the elephant lever.

Econo-Girl said...

It's not them I'm talking about. The Leftist intellectual types are essentially adolescent in nature and are always going to hate the authority figure.

And it's not the love of the world the U.S. needs. It's credibility. We have lost that, not just at the level of the "pinky brain" but at the national leadership level too.

We've lost moral authority.

Ferminator said...
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