Free At Last! British Marines Go Home

Ahmadinejad released the British Marines "as an Easter gift to the British people."

With no sense of irony in sight, Dick Cheney muttered about not having the right to kidnap sailors. Would that extend to diplomats, too? Wasn't that the point Ahmadinejad was making?

Econo-Girl thinks that the Iranians have long kept sleazy actions under diplomatic cover, so she is not as outraged as others at the arrest of Iranian "diplomats." Still, the point was made, wasn't it?


The Lazy Iguana said...

You know how these things work. You can expel diplomats, but not arrest them. They have immunity from arrest. This protects them while they do their jobs. It prevents them from being arrested on political grounds, and if they are the whole world is instantly against the side that does the arresting.

Russian Diplomats have got drunk and killed people in DC. You must remember this. The diplomat was clearly DUI. He was not arrested or charged with anything, but he was kicked out and his diplomatic credentials revoked right before he boarded his non stop flight to Russia. And when a US diplomat got drunk in Moscow - same deal. Kicked out not arrested.

But since when did Bush understand this thing called "law"? The Iranian Diplomats were there in accordance to Iraqi Law, with Iraqi issued credentials. They had immunity. Expel them? Why not. Arrest them? BAD IDEA!

I always said the British Marines were going to be let go. It really was Iran's only option.

Michael said...

Wasn't that the point Ahmadinejad was making?

No. The point he was making is that Britain is impotent against Iran.
He made it quite well.

Anonymous said...
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