Guns Don't Kill, People Do

And that's the problem. People kill. I know there are many responsible gun owners and hunters. My Dad is one of them. And I am sure that any one of them can pass basic safety criteria and not be upset at needing to have a clean arrest record and proficiency at the firearm they are buying.

And how would the world end if all guns had tracing microchips? If we traced gun ownership like we do car ownership? What is the big need for automatic weapons?

I'd really like to know.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Guns can already be tracked through serial numbers. The problem is that what if I did not buy a gun from a gun store?

I have several guns that fall into this category. One is an old revolver that a WWII veteran bought and never used. When he died his widow gave it to a friend, who sold it to another friend, who then sold it to me because he wanted a 9mm pistol.

When my brother died, I assumed possession of a 45 caliber handgun and a 9mm pistol.

In fact, only one of my guns was bought by me from a store. So only one serial number can be traced to me.

How would a microchip solve anything?

I think that ALL private sales of guns should go through a licensed dealer. And so should any other kind of ownership transfer (trades, etc). This would solve the serial number tracing problem.

As for those prone to violence - that is a harder nut to crack. A lot of people own guns and never kill anyone or anything with them. Hell all I do is target shoot. I suppose you could say I killed a lot of trees, but those trees were already dead and made into paper targets before I shot at them.

So how do you balance the "rights" of people who are not crazy or violent against the safety issues of keeping guns away from those who are?

I do not know.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to question the need for automatic firearms, why don't you question the need for any firearm?