He Should Have Never Had the Guns

The New York Times reports today that the Virginia Tech gunman, whom I will not name, should not have had the ability to buy a gun at all under Federal regulations. But someone in Virginia decided to reword the Virginia regulations to be different than the Federal one, illegal by the way, and put that version on their forms. So the Virginia Tech gunman got his guns and ammo.

Let's read into this. Some gun rights wacko decided that he wanted to increase gun ownership possibilities and reworded the Federal regulation. Now over thirty people are dead.

Don't worry. We'll find out who did this. And then not even the NRA will be able to save them.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

I wondered about this. The background check should have turned up the fact that the courts ordered the dude into treatment.

The gun store owner has some questions to answer. I do not think he is guilty of anything, but we need to know exactly what process he went through to complete the sale.

This way the system can be redesigned to better weed out those who do not need access to a weapon.