50% Good News In Russia

The Russian government has just ordered the Russian News Service to make half of what it says about Russia "positive." That means if a nuclear bomb was set off in Moscow, it would have to be balanced with how global warming is making the weather so nice.

Seriously, don't you see wildly ample opportunity for satire? I mean, "Today the sun shone. In other news, you won't have any electricity this winter." Of course any journalist tempted to do that would be gunned down like the rest of them.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Sounds like "fair and balanced" news to me! I mean, all the news can not be bad! Good for Russia to require at least half the news to be good!

Ill bet that at least one news network in the USA would love for this to be required here.

they could call themselves "Faux News".

I should write jokes for Leno.