The Global Stock Exchange

A global stock exchange that does not include Asia, South America or Africa? Why don't you just call it "Us White Guys"?

Note to everyone: Most people live in Asia. Any "global" place needs to include them. And Africa is on this planet, too. How many times have I seen something called "global" that does not include Africa, I can't even count.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Most nations in Africa be po.

You are right about Asia. It needs to be included in any "global stock exchange". I include India with Asia.

South America is hit or miss economically speaking. Yes there is potential there, but historically speaking it is not very stable. I went to a Mayors conference thing here that was attended by Mayors from all over Central and South America and the keynote speaker made a good point. While the economies of South America are growing, they are growing slower than any other "developing" economy in the world.

But you may be onto something with the "just us white guys stock exchange" thing.