Wake Up!!

Be prepared this summer for yet another baby boomer self-indulgence in the form of yet another movie about Vietnam. Ummm, we're fighting a war now guys. Unlike the 60's however, the class divide has separated those fighting from the rest of the U.S. So the outrage is muted.

I have an idea. You don't need to go back forty years for a dose of invigorating anger. Just live in the moment. The outrage is right now.

The United States, your government, is torturing people. It is torturing teenagers.

The United States, your government, handed the reconstruction of Iraq over to political incompetents who were talked into massive, useless expenditures by contracting companies.

The United States, your government, is run by people who wait for the bureaucracy to feed them problems instead of thinking and asking the right questions.

The United States, your government, is sending our citizens into war without protective equipment they need.

The United States, your government, is shielding the children of the middle class from paying any cost for the debacle in Iraq.


Fuzz said...

I'm actually in favor of the Draft, if it is done at all fairly. I think I have a right to say this having been drafted my self at one time.

The Lazy Iguana said...

What Vietnam movie are they making now? You would think that after Born On The 4th Of July nobody would even try to make another Vietnam movie again.

The Democrats need to just propose that the draft be started up. Then see how the Republicans deal with it. Will they still support the war then?

The reality is that the number of troops needed to "finish the job" are beyond what the USA has now. Deployments are extended. The National Guard are over there on the front lines.

It is all insane. I think that Bush is simply not able to face the facts.